November 14, 2013


Jonathan Burns drops in to stand up and talk about some bullying

By Jenna Giberson, senior



OPINION: Idolization of Celebrity has Gone too Far

By Bradi Schultz, editor


In Memory of 2013

By Jenna Gibberson, senior

Across the World: International Students Share Winter Break Travels

By Michael Crandell, senior

iOS 1 iPhone Software Update

By Ryan Tarletsky, senior

A week of entertainment on a college budget

By Ryan Tarletsky, senior

Students prepare for senior art show                                    

By Ian Cunningham, senior

Spanish Club to help tutor at Wichita School

By Emily Ward,senior

March Madness upsets 'upset' students

By Danielle Prewitt, sophomore

Robbers become invisible in colleges 

By Megan McCabe-Allison, senior

Friends campus draws homeless

By Jenna Giberson, junior                               

Friends registration goes completely digital

By Michael Gurley, senior

Home Sweet Homecoming week provides excitement and memories for Friends students and alumni

By Sophia Meyers, junior

New position allows students to help one another prepare for future

By Michael W. Gurley, senior


Staff Spotify Playlist - Week One

By Bradi Schultz, editor

Opinion: performance enhancing drugs in professional baseball 

By Michael Crandell, senior

Opinion: Beauty lies under the ice

By Megan Allison, senior

Ballet students showcase their talent

By Megan Allison, senior


Opinion: 'Evil Dead' remake brings the gory goods

By Bradi Schultz, editor

Opinion: one step back, two steps forward

By Ellane Bergen, junior                              


By Sophie Meyers, junior

Opinion: We all should stand up to bullying

By Kirstin Casimir, sophomore

Review: Friends to showcase Alumni Exhibit on Final Friday

By Sophie Meyers, junior

Friends' Symphony of Spring 2012 approaches

By Micah Chermak, junior

Micah Chermak - Final words before graduating 

By Micah Chermak, senior

Opinion: Employers cross line in asking for password

By Emily Ward, junior


Friends University Jazz puts on toe tappng performance

By Bradi Schultz, editor



Men's Basketball Tournament Preview

By Ryan Tarletsky, senior

Women's cross country 2013 recap

By Michael Crandell, senior

Soccer seasons in review

By Ryan Tarletsky, senior

Falcon volleyball has KCA title in their sites for 2013 season

By Michael Crandell, senior                         

Men's soccer gets an international kick

By Michael Crandell, senior

Volleyball season is looking to 'spike' competition

By Garrett Berry, senior

Golf team looks forward to KCAC championship

By Greg Collins, senior

Softball team prepares for KCAC tournament

By Jeff Kontz, senior

Adam Neisius - Life before a Falcon

By Steven Martinez, senior

Opinion: The 2011-2012 year in sports

By Ryan Tarletsky, sports editor

Senior Michael Crandell takes you to a handful of wallet friendly places to eat for Friends Students. by Michael Crandell, sports editor
Delano Districts's New Covenant United Methodist Church prepares for community block party.
Friends University's annual Christmas for Kids program allows students to provide a positive, loving influence on less fortunate children in the community. By Kirstin Casimir, sophomore
Photo provided by Friends University's Athletic Department
Photo provided by Friends University's Athletic Department
Photo provided by Friends University's Athletic Department